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At HOT we know how important it is to keep abreast of the technological advancements in our industry as well as the vertical markets we serve. Therefore, we are proud to be active member partners of the following national, regional and local business associations:

  • Idea Alliance: Printing & Marketing Leadership
  • GMA: Graphic Media Alliance
  • PIA: Printing United Alliance
  • BCC: Brand Chain Community
  • IPW: Independent Printers Worldwide
  • PODI: The Digital Printing Initiative
  • AAF: American Advertising Federation, National & Toledo Chapter
  • COSE: Council of Smaller Enterprises
  • Association of Strategic Marketing
  • Association of Marketing Services Provider
  • Toledo Convention & Visitors Bureau
  • Toledo Chamber of Commerce
  • Toledo Area B2B Network
  • First Local Toledo
  • University of Toledo Center for Family Business

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